Ascentium Capital Restaurant Financing: Review by Jalapeño Inferno

Customer Profile: Renowned Chef Terry Craig, Owner of Jalapeño Inferno restaurants in AZ, shares how Ascentium’s all-inclusive financing helped him expand and compete in a new market. After 20 years in the restaurant industry, Terry knew building and opening a new location during COVID-19 would be a challenge. He describes how deferred payment options and seamless fast financing made it possible: “Ascentium was able to finance everything we needed, including shipping, and installation. We built a state-of-the art kitchen worthy of any top-notch chef featuring cutting edge equipment shown on TV. Ascentium allowed us to defer payments for several months, so we were able to keep our existing restaurants operating and the new build moving and open the doors at our nicest location when many restaurants were losing business or having to close their doors,” said Craig.


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