18th Annual Hatch Chile Harvest Menu

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Welcome to the land of EnHATCHment


Hatch Chile infused Tradicional reposado tequila, agave syrup, blackberry puree, fresh blackberry garnish. Served in our Grande Goblet.


Hatch Cheesy Bean Dip  $10

A totally new variation on an old theme…..fresh made refried pinto beans amped up with Hatch Chiles and cheesy sauce. AMAZING!

Chorizo Espinaca Con Chiles Verde $12

These wonderful chiles married with our already famous Espinaca Con Queso and spicy local Schreiner’s chorizo.


(The following entrees are served with a side of charro beans and Mexican rice)

“New Wave” Hatch Chile Relleno $15

A giant “Big Jim” Hatch Chile stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese smothered in a creamy white sauce and topped with pomegranate seeds.

“Las Cruces” Steak Enchiladas $17

Two yellow corn tortillas stuffed with cilantro marinated grilled steak, Hatch Chiles, cotija cheese, cilantro and onion, spicy Adobo sauce.

“Rio Grande” Hatch Tacos $16

Two soft corn tortillas stuffed with Hatch Chiles, cheese, cilantro and onion, choose green chile pork or machaca beef.

“Big Jim’s” Fundido Enchiladas $16

Char-grilled breast of chicken, fresh Hatch Chiles stuffed in corn tortillas and smothered in red enchilada and creamy Fundido sauces.“Texaz-Style”

Stacked Enchiladas $17

Crunchy fried corn masa dough, double stacked with shredded chicken and Hatch Chiles, slathered in red enchilada sauce.


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