Why Hatch Chiles?

Hatch, New Mexico, a short 370 miles from Scottsdale, Arizona is known worldwide for its coveted Hatch Chiles.  Every year in late summer these amazing chiles are harvested after a long season of very hot days and cool evenings. 

Similar to wine growing regions, Hatch has its own terroir, or unique soil conditions that create a unique flavor in this species of Anaheim pepper, commonly referred to as the BIG JIM.  Chefs from across the country wait all year for the announcement from New Mexico that the annual harvest is in!  The sad news is that they are only fresh and available for roughly 4-6 weeks every season from the middle of August to the end of September, depending on Mother Nature. So get them while they are HOT (pun intended)!

We offer a couple of pointers when choosing your own chiles.  First, look for a bright, green color – the brighter the better!  Second, check the shape as well, the perfect pepper is symmetrical.  Pick one up, the skin should be smooth, and upon squeezing, should be firm.  It should feel fairly heavy in the hand for its size, ready to burst with flavor!  Too much work?  Sit back and let us do all the work – and order another Margarita!

Each year, for the last 19 years, JALAPENO INFERNO has our friends over at Grand Avenue Produce in Phoenix; send a truck over to get these locally famous chiles for us for our annual menu.  This year’s menu features a combination of crowd favorites and new items.  If you can, flag Terry down, he may even share a recipe or two with you.

Jalapeno Inferno Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale and Peoria Arizona showing hatch green chilies in a basket
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